Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan

New Book 2

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

      Victor Hugo

The power of this book is that it will teach you the amazing feat of job creation, across all industries.

Read about “How to create jobs, now!,”  There is an answer to the question of how to create jobs in your city and nationally. Can you afford to ignore a solution of this magnitude in these tenuous and difficult times?!

The job creation ills of our economy have been left to the Federal Reserve to resolve using monetary policy. Here is a fiscal solution to the problem of job creation that is “deficit-neutral,” and will create a new revenue stream which will lift the economy.  It is based upon an untapped source of capital within each of our communities. Capital (money), as you well know is the “lifeblood” that sustains vital growth in any community!

I counsel you to take the time and read it. Make this fiscal solution a legislative reality by publicly declaring it; (or let “The Fix This Time” tell the story when you recommend it). Petition the Trump administration to seek Congressional approval of it and make this common sense plan, “whose time has come,” a part of the national discourse.

James Davis


One thought on “Deficit Neutral Stimulus Plan

  1. Sounds like a “Plan”. Maybe get some lobbyists to demand an audit of the “Fed”, then we can really find out what’s going on with our money.


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