Economic Growth, Jobs and Their Creation

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

      Victor Hugo

“The Fix This Time” is ahead of its time, at the intersection of now.
“The Fix  This Time” articulates how to BOOST YOUR RETIREMENT INCOME! In doing so, you impact the most thorny issues of our era and they are, future job creation and economic growth.
“The Fix This Time” is a DEFICIT NEUTRAL JOB CREATION AND GROWTH PLAN, that will literally blow your mind! You will wonder, why “The Fix This Time” is not already in effect.
Download “The Fix This Time,” explore what can be and ask why not?
“You do not have to actually read, “The Fix This Time.” There is a function from Kindle on the tool menu, that allows “The Fix This Time” to be  read  ALOUD  to you.
It is a stop and go feature, which allows you to listen to the text of “The Fix This Time,” without having to sit at a computer screen or look at your phone.

Let “The Fix This Time” show YOU how to boost your income by $25,000.00. Enjoy!

James Davis

2 thoughts on “Economic Growth, Jobs and Their Creation

  1. Sounds like a “Plan”. Maybe get some lobbyists to demand an audit of the “Fed”, then we can really find out what’s going on with our money.


  2. one thing you failed to mention is that republicans give the rich and corporations the tax breaks, this has nothing to do with job numbers when trickle down economics has not worked for forty years


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