The Consumer Is The Answer!

A dock at sunset on White Sands Island in the Maldives.The American economy is sluggish and has not reached take off velocity in terms of creating good paying jobs and growth. I suggest to you, the reason for this is, we have not been feeding the right sector within our economy. The right sector is the American consumer. Consumers have been raked over the coals, in terms of having capital withdrawn, from them, only to have it show up on the balance sheets of the very wealthy. We, as a society find it relatively easy to transfer wealth to businesses through various tax and loan schemes, because we say the money is not going directly into the hands of wealthy individuals, but it is going to a corporation and the corporation will create jobs. However, this practice has not worked in pulling us out of the effects, of the Downturn of 2008. Corporations, as proxies for the wealthy have received enormous amounts of capital, but have not delivered on economic growth. Obviously, we need to create a different paradigm. The consumer is the answer. The obvious question is how do you place money directly into the hands of consumers, so he or she can create growth through spending?  “The Fix This Time,” shows you specifically how this can be done.

Once the growth plan, as outlined in “The Fix This Time”  begins and is actually working – it will pay for itself by producing new tax revenues for the U. S. Treasury that should, in part, go to the Social Security trust fund.

“The Fix This Time,” lays out a specific and detailed path of how to re-engage  the consumer. At the end of the day there must be a means by which money can be effectively   distributed to the consumer that is logical and acceptable to policymakers.



One thought on “The Consumer Is The Answer!

  1. How can we trust companies not to continue to take jobs to other countries? Why should we continue to buy goods produced in other countries? Why should we buy even at reduce interests rates? There has got to be a better system than working for ‘debt’ money and spending ‘debt’ money over and over.


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