About This Advocacy

This site was created on the behalf of the unemployed, across this great nation. This site advocates for them, for those who are struggling, each and every day, to live some semblance of the life style they had prior to this monster storm of unemployment striking them. As with any idea such as this one, there had to be someone, who originated it. However, James Davis, who created this stimulus plan did it and advances it, so the plan’s realization will relieve the anxiety of his countrymen, countrywomen, our sons and our daughters caught, in this economic downward spiral. Mr. Davis is a graduate of  Florida A. and M. University. He was the recipient of two scholarships which financed his education.They are the Florida Governor Haydon Burns’ and FAMU’s first Martin Luther King Scholarships. James is an advocate, convicted and convinced of the positive results which can be realized, if this Deficit Neutral Job Creation Plan is actualized. He wants every single person coming to this site to become an advocate, like himself, who will not rest until this plan becomes the law of land.

In the course of human events,  such as this horrific economic downturn, which leaves in its wake horrendous human suffering, which is being played out across this great country of plenty in every big city, small town and hamlet, we the people have an obligation to step forth, when our political representatives fail us, and demand our government which was created by us, fulfill its obligation to us, of promoting our general welfare. We should do this willingly, with good will in our hearts being fierce advocators of our countrymen, countrywomen, of our sons and daughters who are hurting due to no fault of their own.

They did not cause this Great Recession, they are victims of it!!  JOIN US!!!     


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